iRas™ safety solutions

Affordable and scalable solutions designed for fast and easy integration with various Light Electric vehicle types and applications.

Powered by the world’s top performing edge AI accelerator and our software and computer vision expertise, IRAS™ safety solutions are fully modular and customizable and can either be integrated with our partners’ tech stack or be delivered in our turnkey IRAS™ safety platform.

Rider assist

According to the World Health Organization, more than 30% of the world’s 1.3 million (and rising) annual road fatalities are riders. In the Netherlands for example, riders today account for more than 50% of road fatalities and 70% of serious injuries. With new operating modes, new form factors and new inexperienced riders come new accidentology patterns that translate into more single-vehicle accidents and more serious injuries.
The biggest obstacle to the wider adoption of Light Electric Vehicles is rider safety.
That’s what we’re here for.

Speed management Digital vision Collision avoidance

Speed Assistant

IRAS™ ISA sends visual and audible alerts to riders who are speeding or riding too fast for the conditions such as road or bike lane traffic density or when approaching bumpers, red traffic lights, crossroads, schools, hazards, roadworks and more contextual events.

Speed Management

IRAS™ ASM is an active on-board vision-based geofencing system that autonomously regulates the electric assistance to the legal speed limit in a slow-ride zone, a bike lane or on a sidewalk for example. IRAS™ ASM is specifically designed for the Next-Gen hyperbikes and Speed Pedelecs.

Traffic Light & Sign

IRAS™ TLSR detects and interprets traffic lights colors so that riders have the time to adjust their speed. Speed limit signs detected by the front camera, including temporary ones, are matched with the map information and support the speed limit displayed on the cockpit. Other key traffic signs such as no-entry, no-entry except bikes, bike lane and more are also recognized.

Rear View

IRAS™ RVA is an on-demand and automated feature that provides riders with rear digital contextual awareness of the traffic and riding conditions. It will automatically switch on when cycling in a mixed bus and cycle lane or on a busy cycle path, or when riding a moped on a narrow road for examples.

Front Collision

IRAS™ FCW detects, classifies, tracks and predicts collisions with other road users and warns riders with intuitive visual alerts indicating the direction of the risk to prevent an accident. The rider can also be alerted through audio or haptic warnings.

Blind Spot

IRAS™ BSD enhances the digital Rear-View Assistance with detection and prediction of a rear collision risk. A visual alert indicates the direction of the risk, giving the rider the time to react. The rider can also be alerted through audio or haptic warnings.

Pedestrian Collision

IRAS™ PCW is specifically designed for small vehicles operating on bike lanes (or sidewalks when permitted). In addition to detection, IRAS™ PCW takes into account the density of pedestrians and warns both riders and pedestrians with audio alerts in case of a collision risk.

Fleet compliance

As more and new micromobility options become available, there is an increasing need to address the compliance challenges they present so that public space can be fairly and harmoniously shared.
This calls for new rules and regulations, but also new and better infrastructure.
Technology has the potential to improve acceptance of regulations and compliance with them, thereby unleashing the full potential of last mile delivery and shared micromobility.

Geofencing Ride monitoring Video telematics

Sidewalk Riding

IRAS™ SRP is an active on-board system that prevents all types of vehicles from riding on sidewalks by detecting the position of the vehicle, notifying the rider and the operator in real-time and shutting down (or reducing) the electric assistance in less than 300 milliseconds. IRAS™ SRP does not require GPS and pre-mapping and can operate in the most complex infrastructure, including mixed sidewalks and bike lanes, everywhere in the world.

No Ride/Slow Ride Zones

IRAS™ NRSR is a hybrid on-board and cloud IRAS™ NRSR is a hybrid on-board and cloud feature that enables fleet operators to define ultra-precise and dynamic geofenced zones. Operators can reduce the speed of their vehicles near a school during daytime only, for example, or create a new geofenced zone for a time-limited event at the push of a button with IRAS™ over-the-air capabilities.

Traffic Violations Alerts

IRAS™ TVA is an on-board system that warns riders with visual or audio alerts when they are violating traffic rules such as red light running, wrong-way riding, speeding, reckless riding and more. It is the operator’s choice whether to allow the rider to continue the ride, shut down the ride or send a post-ride message.

Helmet Monitoring

IRAS™ HM is an on-board vision-based system that leverages the front-facing camera to detect whether a rider is wearing a helmet. It is up to the fleet operator to decide whether to send the rider a reminder during the ride, or to keep the vehicle locked.

Dual Riding Prevention

IRAS™ DRP is an on-board system that monitors the number of occupants on a vehicle with the front-facing camera. The rider will be notified of a violation. It is the operator’s choice whether to allow the ride to continue, slow down or shut down the electric assistance of the vehicle.

Live Event Monitoring

IRAS™ LEM is a cloud-based dashboard or API that integrates into operator’s fleet management platforms and provides real-time and vision-based events intelligence.
Events include suspected traffic violations (such as speeding, sidewalk riding, red light running, wrong-way riding), helmet monitoring or pause time and more customizable events.
IRAS™ LEM can also expedite rescue response in the event of an accident and help operators exonerate riders, settle claims and limit risk exposure with on-demand videos.
IRAS™ LEM respects privacy with the anonymization of people’s faces and license plates.

Vehicle security

Theft and damage are exogenous factors that can hamper the wider adoption of Light Electric Vehicles. Studies show that up to 10% of the vehicles in rideshare fleets are hit by some form of vandalism, significantly affecting operating margins and ultimately generating higher costs for users.
In France, where a bike is stolen every minute, another study shows that more than 35% of personal owners do not replace a bike following its theft.
Video surveillance can provide both theft deterrence and real-time visual intelligence that can drastically improve fleet operations.

Video protection


IRAS™ GM is an on-board and connected feature that provides riders and operators with real-time video-based theft, damage, fall and accident suspicion alerts on their mobile application or in the Live Event Monitoring dashboard.
When an alert is triggered, IRAS™ records the scene and warns people around the vehicle they are being filmed with audible alerts, light flashing or sound horn.
People’s faces and car license plates are blurred to meet full data privacy compliance.

My Bike

IRAS™ SMB is a video-streaming feature that integrates into our partners’ mobile application and enables users to check on the surroundings of their vehicle at any time. IRAS™ respects privacy by blurring faces and license plates and warns people around they are being filmed with audible alerts.

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